GET OFF MY SCREEN: Nominee #1 – Bob Blumer

Well, folks:  It’s Friday, Tina isn’t around (say it with me, “Again?!”), and that means it’s time for me to hate on celebrity chefs!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to do this, mostly because we try to keep the entirely mean-spirited content to a minimum (ha ha ha ha, I nearly got that out without laughing) around here, but also because there’s been a tragic lack of really interesting new famous cooks lately.

I mean, who am I supposed to rag on?  Anthony Sedlak?  Does anyone outside of Canada (…or British Columbia… or Vancouver) even know who he is?  Would it help if I showed you a picture?


I know! It doesn’t help at all. The guy is the very essence of generic, pea-coated Pacific Coast Young Chef.  The very act of looking at him is so aggressively boring that you probably thought I was trying to make you scrutinize the brick wall.  But NO!  I mean him: The one possibly cut out of a wax block, taught phrases like, “Nothing beats local!” and filmed until he can wag his hands enough over some food to produce a meal.

There isn’t enough interesting about him to inspire a sentence, let alone an entire article — and this represents the next generation of television hosts!  What is a twisted, heartless, and oh-so-very angry television viewer to do?  Upon whom shall I vent my engorged spleen?

So it is that I will turn to you all for help.  Everyone knows that the Barefoot Contessa is kind of a dick, but it’s time for me to find a new target of hatred, who I will wear down with my passive-aggressive scorn as the river might polish a stone, but in a win-win kind of way.  That is, I get to pour forth as much fury as possible, and hopefully the target will eventually be obliterated.

Perfect, right?

Here’s how it will work:  I will occasionally produce nominees for the GET OFF MY SCREEN hate award, and ask for your input as dedicated voters and consumers of pop culture.  The case for utter rage will be presented, and it will be up to you to vote as to whether this person deserves to advance into the rage-finals.  If a majority votes yes, then they advance to the final pool for a votedown; if the majority votes no, then I will be forced to watch the individual without further complaint, compressing my loathing into a black ball in my gut where it will doubtlessly do me no further harm.

Cool?  Great!  Onto the first nominee:

Bob Blumer


I had always kind of thought Bob Blumer was okay, until I started dating Tina and watching the Food Network with her.  If his face even appeared on the screen, it was equivalent to an F5 tornado making contact with the couch next to me — except with swearing.  A tornado that rates a 5 on the Fujita scale, if the Fujita scale measured violent outbursts of profane language and some flailing.

“God damned BOB BLUMER!  Ohhhhh, son of a bitch, that man– GOD he makes me so ANGRY!  BOB BLUUUMERRRRRR!

And it wasn’t like she’d react this way the first time she saw him, and then maybe just grumble every commercial break afterwards.  She’d explode like this every time, so infinite is the rage that he provokes in her guts.

Asking her about it wasn’t really productive, because all she could produce was vague charges that he was “totally full of shit”, and “I hate him so much, argh”.  Neither of which is really helpful in gathering information that might change my perspective, given that I had always thought he was a pretty all right TV host.  He drives around in the kitschy toaster, right?  Look!  He’s steaming salmon in a dishwasher, that’s amusing.  And… uhhh…

It was around that time that I realized I had not actually retained anything that I watched Bob Blumer do.  I’d watch lots of his shows on Sunday mornings, mostly when hangovers prevented me from achieving anything other than a basic level of awareness, but I couldn’t (and still can’t) actually remember anything he’s done.  Before you object that cooking shows are by their nature forgettable, I can actually remember recipes that Ingrid Hoffman “cooked” on her show — and considering that most of what she has to offer is an exaggerated accent and nice hair, that’s saying something.

And then you really think about it:  Blumer’s entire schtick is to make entirely boring things in a goofy kind of way… but no matter what dishwasher you use, steamed salmon is still steamed salmon.  There it is, with the capers and the lemons and the onions, wrapped in tinfoil.  Yep, you’re right, the oven probably wouldn’t have wasted as much water, now that I think about it.  So great, you get kind of standard recipes that are presented entertainingly — but since duplicating what Blumer does is often more work than doing it the standard way, how much are you going to bother retaining of his show?  Which kind of makes the whole thing a bit pointless.  Let’s face it, when you can learn more from Rachel Ray, you’ve got a problem with the concept of your show.

Watch his guests, too, the generally hapless folks he brings into his trailer and invites to learn from him.  Almost without exception, they stand uncomfortably until he gives them something trivial to do, ask awkward questions when they think he’s forgotten about them, and then eat whatever the end product is (regardless of their sometimes apparent horror).  It brings acutely to mind the horrible childhood experience of being asked to go help your aunt/uncle/grandmother/relation-just-distant-enough-that-you-have-no-rapport in the kitchen, when they have pretty much no use for you.  You’d end up standing there stirring whatever you couldn’t harm, while they were forced to work around you, all so you can enjoy their spaghetti squash.

Plus, let’s not forget that Blumer is of the “not formally trained, but I’m a chef now” school, where because he’s cooked on TV and published some books.  He hasn’t actually worked as one anywhere, ever, nor does he have any certification as such.  But it still didn’t stop him from sitting on a talk show I saw once and say, “In my mind, people should leave a dinner party of mine hungry.  It isn’t about the quantity of food you serve, it’s about how good it is.”  Which would be fine if you had a background in haute cuisine and spent years learning how to place a single stalk of asparagus on a plate in such a fashion as to convince restaurant patrons you’re an artist.

But you’re a novelty, Bob Blumer!  You flip pancakes for World Records!  You take the long way around to cooking boring foods!  You’re actually kind of a jerk sometimes, even to the guests on your show!  ALL YOU HAVE IS QUANTITY!  YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GET BY ON QUALITY!  YOU DON’T EVEN DO COOKING SHOWS ANY MORE, YOU DO ONES WHERE YOU’RE ATTACKED BY BEES, WHICH IS ABOUT RIGHT ACTUALLY!  WHY ARE YOU ON TV EVERY OTHER DAY!


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  • Tina

    Bob BOOOOOOOOOmer!

  • Tara

    I don’t actually mind him.

    That Selak character, however? I hate him and his stupid, unplaceable accent. (Seriously, where does it come from? Is he French? Italian? JAPANESE?!)

  • michelle @ TNS

    my god, i have no idea who he is but he horrifies me.

    also, i love anything where i get to judge other people, especially people like these.

  • keiko

    I wish I could vote a THOUSAND TIMES to further underline my hatred of Blumer. HE SUCKS! My grandma plays bridge with his grandma, who is a superlovely woman. And every so often my grandmother asks me to turn the tv to his show. I actually have to leave the room. His incredible blandness and ego mix with shitty cooking technique to produce a stew of RAGE in me.

    • Mike

      Oh my God, I didn’t think there was anyone with the same powerful antipathy that I see in Tina… but here you are!

      Considering that the poll is broken, consider your thousand votes counted.

  • Melinda

    Cast my vote for anger and spite as well. Just looking at him makes me frown and want to throw things.

  • and

    Could you please censor that photo on the main page.
    Something large and black over the eyes and the mouth will do.

  • _ts-eatingclubvancouver

    I agree with Tara. What’s with the accent, Anthony Sedlak?!?! You’re from North Van (I think; or Vancoiuver, close enough)!! Plus, he takes so long to make his one dish! Meanwhile, he has dirtied up so many bowls/utensils and whatnot. Why, oh, why?!

  • Sara

    Well fortunately or unfortunately I don’t think this guy is a “star” of the FN in the states, so I have never seen him. However, I can tell just by his picture that he is a super douche, so he gets my vote.

    I am very excited about this Get Off My Screen series, can’t wait to hate on some more chefs with you.

  • kate

    I don’t even have cable, and am in the US anyway, so I’ve never seen this guy, but give him a vote from me to get off your screen. Salmon in the dishwasher? Leave a dinner party hungry? Clearly an annoying bastard.

  • http://None Meekrob

    Douche!! I work on HGTV shoots. He came to Toronto to film once, and was a total douche to almost everyone. Just a mean person and everyone thought (correctly) that he was a big baby. Entitled, and under talented. When he does not have a teleprompter and writers, he’s stilted, and boring.

    And he ripped off the guys who built him that little silver trailer he made it big in.


  • Bruce

    I have hired him twice to do dinner parties at my house. I think he is a great guy and he is a hell of a cook. We had a great time and the food was spectacular and fun. I have had the pleasure of having a number of chefs do dinners in my home for my friends and I think most of them are very lovely people and they are trying to make a living pleasing people.

    I dont know how I stumbled on your website but besides the bashing it is interesting, I must say that I appreciate humour but you seem a bit cowardly in the way you go about yours. Maybe one day we’ll have the chance to meet and I will kick you square in the nuts. That would be amusing, we could video tape me kicking your ass and put in on your website to see if anyone beside me would find it funny.


    • Mike

      Hi Bruce! Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this much – I can only judge Mr. Blumer based on how he blows my hair back after watching him on TV, which inspires hyperbolic and (one hopes that our readers realize) insincere fury.
      However, welcome to the site and I’m glad you could enjoy it in some measure – plus I’m always happy to take notes on personal courage from someone happy to threaten me with personal violence over the internet.

    • Jim

      Bruce you’re a bitch what grown man kicks another in the nuts?

  • Jon

    God damn the guy may be a bit excessive, but he should definitely be off our screens. Glutton for punishment totally sucks, and that is only after watching the 20 second trailers. (I have to swithc them off now after the first 2 seconds as his fk face riles me so much). Flipping pancakes and wrestling with a fish or whatever – who cares what this guy did in order to try to fill some airtime. It totally sucks to high heaven. The only incredible thing is that the discovery bought it and that he managed to do so many episodes of this crap. Then I find out that he has never worked as a chef, so basically he is a nobody who just go lucky…. maybe he is cloesley connected with the network as I cannot imagine they would have fallen for this crap. Sad thing is everyone who subscribes to their cable channel is effectively paying this asshole to produce this crap. Discovery Channel you should be ashamed of yourselves. I expect that talented individuals spending years of their life trying to get a break on TV must be seething at seeing this guy. And for us viewers why should we put up with such poor content.

  • Jim

    I have to say there are so many things wrong with FN in Canada. Sadly this is the only channel that I watch. I’ve had to cut down on things like coke, red meat, beer, etc because my blood pressure peeks dangerous levels everyday when I tune into FN. Bob Blumer? His show is fuckin’ lame nobody gives a fuck about how fast he can fucking tie garlic together, or about how he went a week eating nothing and surviving on guiness, who gives a fuck?? Not me, I hate his fucking hair, his annoying fucking voice. His fucking tabasco sauce commercial, I can’t eat tabasco anymore!!! He thinks he’s so fucking hardcore, this shit he does is nothing special, I’ll eat some fuckin nettles. I don’t even remember the name of the show where he cooked in the fucking toaster thing but that show was absolute shit. He thought it would be clever to present food in dog bowls for people at a dog park, fucking stupid. The entire cast of shows on FN should be on this get off my screen site. Barefoot contessa fuck that bitch she’s terrible! I watched it the other day and it was called back to basics… Was it ever anything more than basic?? She makes her dumbass husband brownies and maple glazed bacon in the non back to basic episodes, what does she do in the basic ones microwaved fuckin craft dinner??? What the fuck does her husband have to do with this shit anyway and their trip to paris?? Fuck that rich cunt! Same goes with Giada, always showing her gay ass tshirt designer husband, and guess what a couple episodes were dedicated to their trip to italy, who gives a fuckin rats ass! Did you ever notice that Giada looks like a man from the side? What is with her fuckin spunky attitude to, she uses premade fucking cake mix for christ sakes, get the fuck off tv bitch! Michael Smith I used to like his show, but for fuck sakes does he have to mention his son and his wife in every fuckin episode? And most of this shit he makes is so boring, corn flake crusted snapper? WTF we have enough of these ho hum shows already. Anthony Sedlak? I remember saying to my girlfriend “does that guys accent change every few minutes”? One second he’s from canada then holy shit hes fuckin scottish, oh shit now he’s spanish. Holy shit I met him in person at the good food festival and he didn’t sound like that. Must be the crazy sexy part from the commercial, he has twenty fuckin accents for all the accent lovers out there. 5 ingedient fix? Fuckin what a waste of time. That woman that one the most recent food network star her budget show? SHIT! Anything with the Nealys (however the fuck you spell it) is fuckin just plain retarded, I don’t want to see big daddy givin mama some sugar while they’re waiting for the cheese souffle to be ready. Big Daddys house another piece of shit out of the next food network star show. Have you heard this guy talk it’s so painful to listen to him, it sounds like he’s about to keel over and die. Paula Dean’s two sons show what the fuck is that shit, more garbage. restaurant makeover, the killer of restaurants, what a terrible show. iron chef america, awful what a slight against the IC japan, in IC america they have secret ingredients like iceberg lettuce WTF, they’ve had fuckin chocolate twice! Ask Aida that fucking garbage to, whats with the nerdy douche bag that presents the video mail, what a waste of a pay check. Bobby Flays throwdown, bobby always looses whats the point, what a waste of air time. Chef school? What a piece of shit that is, a bunch of no talent whiney kids bitch about how hard one of canadas easiest culinary schools is. Fink, terrible fuckin show. I know I’m missing a bunch still but the channel has certainly gone down hill from 8 years ago.

    • http://Sydney/HongKong Loz

      My God your rant made me laugh so hard I think something popped in my pants. Spot on about Bob Blumer. I can’t stand his fake quirkiness.

  • Tina

    Huh. That’s…uh….that’s a whole lot of angry. That’s a loooooong lot of angry.

    I think I’m going to sign out and go pat my cat for a little while. Or, you know, cuddle a baby. Maybe make a cup of warm milk.

  • nancy Reyes Lumen

    Bob Blumer must be assessed from his aspiration to do art as food food as art ala Salvador Dali. This is Blumer’s #1 culinary icon. We got to meet Bob personally in Singapore and I have invited him to do an episode or two in the Philippines. Hopefully he will still say yes. Bob has a good and big following in the Philippines because his works are fun and interesting. Some dishes may be uber-simplified but he makes toys out of them. That’s the whole secret of enjoying food…playtime!

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  • k

    Wow! What a bunch of really angry people you are! God I am so surprised at the amount of hate you have for someone that you have never met. I always thought that Bob had the same kind of charm (looks wise) not too far from the character Kramer (Michael Richards) had from Seinfeld…yet after meeting Richards <– he is such a mean man. Then I got to met Bob on the Food Network. I was working on the set. I am a food stylist. Bob is a genuine person and he is not all the ugly things that you people say he is. Maybe you should meet him before you go off on him?

  • Ramona

    Hi, thanks, this whole page made me laugh. What a lot of hate & energy! Who knew poor little cute, bland Anthony Sedlak inspired such hatred? Who knew an unplaceable accent could rile people so much? My guess is he is shy in front of the camera, and the accent is a sort of unconscious defence. Is he gay? All that hand-flapping…

    But let’s talk about someone really (italics) insufferable: Ricardo!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my gawd….please make him and his girlie shirts and unspeakable accent (and I can say this, as a semi-French-Canadian) go away. He appears to have a wife and children: how did this mistake happen anyway? The guy is gay as birds in every direction…and I have my doubts about Michael Smith, too: as someone said, mentions his kid and wife in every episode…hm; methinks he doth protest too much. Not that it matters, mind you…but inquiring minds want to know.

    Now, how about someone we don’t hate….I like Laura Calder. I think she makes terrific food.

  • Ramona

    Oh my god, I forgot one: Guy Fieri… he’s really annoying….sounds awful too, like he’s always had too much to drink the night before….and what’s with the bleached hair??? Awful food, terrible shows….Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives….who the pluck cares about a million greasy spoons and a thousand crappy hamburgers in ugly settings!!?? Please, please make this guy get off my screen…and he seems to be on almost as much as Michael Smith, if not more: two people I’d be happy never to see again… think Anthony Sedlak is bland? Come on, Michael Smith (right down to his name!) has the patent on bland! His food is bland, too! As is his house, his kitchen, his clothes!!
    However, I like Ina Garten — she is a glowing example of how a heavy woman can be beautiful, I think. And her cooking is often interesting and good. And her house is beautiful. And she has interesting gay friends.
    I’ll take one of her ‘Back to Basics’ over ten Guy Fieri’s any day….acckkk …he’s on now….make him go awaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy……….
    And I like Iron Chef America; especially when Cat Cora is on. She is spectacular, I always root for her. Opa!

  • Ramona

    And let’s not forget the cheesy Podleski (sp?) sisters and ‘Eat Shrink and be Merry’ and their incessant, terrible puns….somehow I like this show anyway, but it is very cheesy indeed and has a sort of annoying backwoods squarehead down-on-the-farm Canadian Waspishness about it….and the food is truly family-fare forgettable.
    But somehow I like them anyway….nice to see two Canadian girls succeed.

  • Ramona

    And — more on the Podleski sisters — I’d hate to be the brunette, the ‘straight woman’….they’re like a sado-masochistic act: the blonde knows how to cook (well, u know, macaroni) and does the actual cooking, and the brunette just stands around taking instruction and being the butt of all the ‘you can’t cook and don’t know anything’ jokes…..what a strange way to earn a living: she works on a cooking show and her stock in trade is that she doesn’t know how to cook.

    And yes, thank you to the writer who pointed out the uselessness and annoyance of the ‘mailbag guy’ on Ask Aida…..waste of a paycheque indeed….you have to wonder how some people get on TV. ‘Nerdy douchebag’…you people are very colourful and entertaining….

    • Mike

      Ah yes, Ramona — well done! Your hate makes us all strongerrrrr…

  • Ramona

    And then there is ‘Pitchin’ In’ with Lynn Crawford. No, no, no, no…..please stick to Restaurant Makeover Lynn, that was bad enough. Seeing you ‘pitchin’ in’ chunkily decked out in a variety of nouvo-lesbo plaid shirts and rubber boots on farms and boats and grow ops or what have you….. totally bo-rrrrring…….horrendously, paralyzingly, catatonically boring…..I run from the screen when this comes on, I want to scream, I take out the Scrabble board (it’s that bad, yes!) and hit the TV with it……
    Oh — MY — GOD …. today she has her hand up a pregnant cow……WHY DO WE NEED TO SEE THIS???? How is this a cooking show? Are no ratings kept for these shows? Surely if this were a profit-making enterprise this would be pulled from the air??

  • Ramona

    Another serious Get Off My Screen contender: Martin Picard, The Wild Chef. Oh please.
    Where to begin…..go on a diet; get a shave; get a haircut; do up your shirt buttons, buy a tie.
    Please, please, don’t talk; ever again. Then, get lost in the woods. Today, they are hunting geese. No no no no!! Geese mate for life; don’t kill them!! We don’t need goose meat to subsist! Do the Food Network and all of us a favour: turn the gun the other way….c’mon, go out with a bang!

  • Jim

    I’m glad to see someone who hates FN stars as much as myself. It’s been a while since I looked at this site, but there has been some interesting new “talent” on FN. You know that saying “It’s not who you now, It’s who you blow”? I think that it applies to the new host of mundane home cooking shows that have been popping up as of late. These shows include 5 ingredient fix, absolutely fuckin’ terrible, spice goddess; what the fuck is this shit? Canada is already 80% middle eastern I’m sure everyone knows how to make curried chickpeas or tikka masala. $10 dinners, ya if you’re cooking for yourself and you have already half of the ingredients in your fuckin’ cupboards, and she’s so fucking annoying, I hate hosts that always talk about how they learned or cooked with their grandmas and moms, every single host has a plethora of stories about this, give your grandma/mom the show and fuck off I’m sure they’re not as annoying as you are. Cooking for real is another show where she has a story, every day it’s a different country that she lived in, one episode talked about how when she was in the army she just got shit faced every night while in singapore, hey way to take national security seriously. And why the fuck is her show cooking for real, is that some sort of racial stereotype? Mexican made easy, fuck that show right in the ass, didn’t they already have a show like this with ingrid hoffman or whatever. The food wasn’t even mexican it was lamb chops with a chipotle crust? Fuck ace of cakes, duff is annoying as fuck with his pubic chin hair and all his crack head employees. fuck cake boss too and this shit isn’t even on FN and how his dumb ass has a new show, cookin’ actual food, who’s stupid idea was this? Tyler florence from tyler’s ultimate he’s a douche. The best thing I ever ate that show is fuckin stupid who gives a rats ass? The thirsty traveler, kevin brosch is a tool what is that shit below his lip, is it a piercing or pubic hair?? Someone mentioned eat shrink and be merry? That show my god, no god doesn’t exist, no higher power would allow people to watch such a creative abortion!! That fuckin’ show will be the death of me, those two broads are fuckin’ brutal with their retarded jokes, the brunette doesn’t do fuck all in the show she just follows the blond and throws out random nutrition facts, “trans fats are not good for you”! … No shit dumb ass I pretty sure the whole fuckin’ world knows that! The blond can’t really cook for shit that’s why all the recipes are painfully simple ie. portato salad. Why try to make that shit healthy it’s unhealthy for a reason, because it fucking tastes good you cunt! I fucking hate that show more than any other that will exist in my lifetime. I would rather have my balls slammed between two bricks. Fuck anna olsen to, she can’t bake for shit and I heard all of her recipes were stolen from another pastry cook when she worked in Niagara.

    • Alex

      Jim you are a riot, I’m sitting here in Australia laughing my ass off and I don’t even know half the “chefs” you’re talking about. Bravo.

  • Michelle

    I honestly cannot see why everyone hates the FN stars. They each have a passion for cooking, and if you are criticizing them on their looks, well that’s low. It’s not Project Runway. It’s FOOD. And so many recipes from FN have helped me in my cooking. I actually remember all the stuff Bob Blumer did, and I’m a BIG FAN. And most of you who commented probably eat very unhealthy and just are negative people. These are CHEFS, and I actually WANT to know where my ingridients come from. If you hate them all so much, WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THEM!?!?! These chefs have worked so hard to get to where they are, and then people like “Jim” just want to bring them down because you probably can’t even cook Saporo noodles.
    So please, everyone, stop being so vain, don’t be so critical, and PLEASE, get a LIFE!
    ~A *BIG* Food Network Fan, Michelle

  • Paul

    It is nice to see that people are paying attention to Food Network Canada and have opinions about the chefs who appear there. I personally like Laura Calder and Anna Olson. They are both very knowlegeable, (and watchable), chefs who I have learned a lot from. Michael Smith is very personable and re-inforces my technique because he cooks just like me. Massimo, Lynn, Martin, Ricardo and the rest all have skills to pass on and they do it well. I see nothing to complain about. If you are interested in preparing good food. Watch and learn. Criticise less.

  • Michelle

    Paul i think you need to walk into on coming traffic.

  • Derrrp

    cool site!

    I just watched him cut some onions.  All those poor people he dragged into cutting onions.
    He’s got some crazy talent that Bobby Bummer!

  • Rexona773

    This guys must be rich or why on earth does bob get so many programs in cooking channel?
    he is an complete and utter idiot. he’s proven this time and time again. The places he goes the people he’s meets hates this guys. He does not understand how to pull off a nice story,he goes and does stupid things. I disgusted in watching this fellow on TV. somebody please write a script for him. he doe not know how to entertain. at the least please I would like to tell the directors when he go to a place if the locals tells him not to do something make sure he doesn’t do that the idiot cant remember simple instruction. 


  • Noth

    I like Blumer’s personality but I don’t like his shows – Anthony Sedlak is great – he has such a different personality in interviews than on the Main, much more lively, a lot more personality, he is on Family Cook Off now… he looks so old and sick now,

    I wonder what happened, he was so fresh faced and young on “The Main”.  A few years go by and boom he looks like he is 48

  • Andrew

    Congratulations on being a complete douche. If you dislike these people so much, stop watching their shows. It’s as simple as that. Your parents should have taught you a very long time ago to not judge people you’ve never even met. Disgusting.

    • choosybeggarmike

      Hey, thanks! Congratulations on defending someone you haven’t met, but who clearly and evidently trades on their “personality” to maintain whatever celebrity they can, including retreating from cooking shows to the far-less-rigorous topic of gastronomic tourism.

  • Noth

    I posted on this page before, and for some reason (it’s super early and I have nothing else to do) something inspired me to look up that hottie Anthony Sedlak and see what he was up to only to see he is dead. I know something was off, it’s so sad, I was a fan, always watched his shows, watched his videos (and clearly read articles about him) RIP

  • Common Sense

    If something so simple on the TV makes you angry…… you must have one hell of a sad life sir.

  • Wikidot

    Umm, this is completely incorrect. For a matter of fact, turns out i was assigned to do a project on Bob Blumer (stupid prof) and so i watched all of his shows. This is just gone too far! If you don’t like him or his shows, don’t watch them, and keep your opinion to yourself! It’s not that hard!