Choosy Beggars Podcast – Episode 1!


Holy honkin’!  Mike and Tina finally put to use the investment they laid down nearly a year ago, and chat for an hour about such thrilling topics as:

  • How bad their first podcasting efforts were!
  • Why you should vote for them in an awards contest!  (find us under #4 in Superlatives!)
  • Infusing liquor and how YOU can do it!
  • Wine etiquette!
  • Way more than we ever actually wanted to think about razor blades and apples!
  • SO MANY Raspberry-flavored beers!
  • …and that’s just the beginning!

Play it below, and check iTunes whenever we can figure that the hell out!

Play it now!

  • Kristie

    Am I a total wiener for being delighted to hear what you guys actually sound like? I was the same way about JK Rowling, if it’s any consolation.

    Framboise is one of my all-time favorites, though I’m almost certain it’s not a wheat beer.

    Anywhosit, I think the podcast is a great idea. Chris and I bought an HD camcorder a few months back thinking we’d start posting occasional cooking videos, but so far the only thing I used it for was the sizzling rice soup, which was about 4 seconds long. I should get on that…

  • Jen

    I voted for you!

    And I am listening to your podcast right now. I had forgotten you were in Canada…..until you started talking. 😉 To be fair, I’m in Minnesota where the accent is similar, but I grew up in Tennessee. And you know what they say…you can take the girl out of the South, but…. 🙂

    But seriously, you both sound very friendly and pleasant and I would certainly love for you to make me a cocktail. I do love cocktails!!

  • bruleeblog

    Hey, I nominated you for more than one but at least you got into one of the categories that I picked. 😀

    And yes you should be voting for yourselves.

  • bruleeblog

    Also, I have to say that I agree with Mike on the crappy witch toffees. Sorry Tina!

  • Hellcat13

    HA! The Halloween candy conversation is the best. I’m with Tina about the molasses witch candies. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. But seriously, Big Turk? That is a chocolate-covered wad of NASTY.

    Worst candy: Stale peanuts in the shell. Best candy: Reese peanut butter cups.

    And Kristie, you’re not a wiener…you’re the awesome hot pepper care package lady! You get a pass on anything.

  • Stephanie

    I will save you ALL of the nasty-ass witch toffees that Connor gets trick-or-treating.

  • Tina

    Kristie – I love framboise liqueur, and consider it absolutely feasible to pour it on top of ice cream. Or cereal. And also, I should mention, are you kidding? Because if you had a podcast I would totally subscribe. Have I mentioned my insatiable nosiness? Nothing drives me crazier than when somebody’s ‘About’ page is blank. I’m on a permanent “need to know” basis with life.

    Jen – aw, shucks! Yup, we’re Canucks. And you know what? We would love to MAKE you a cocktail! Also…I’m a sucker for Irish, Scottish, and Southern accents in no particular order. I secretly always wanted to be a Suh-thrn deb-you-tan, but the fates just didn’t have that in the works for me. Sigh. Thank you so much for the vote!!!

    Brulee Blog – did you really? Thank you so much!!! Oh sheeshkittens, I’m blushing. I hate my overzealous capillaries. And…and I WILL vote for us, I’m sure, at some point. I just…I just can’t do it yet. It feels dishonest (I know, I’m a crazy person. Don’t look me in the eyes, just back away).

    Hellcat13 – YAY for the witch candies!!! I also love that there’s the light brown and the dark brown ones, which are both fabulous in their own ways, but I never found out how to distinguish between them in the package so it was always a delicious crap shoot….like Tootsie Pops. Also? YES, YES, YESSSS to peanut butter cups. I like the mini ones because then I can eat 8 and still only feel half the guilt that I do when I eat a full package of the big ones.

    Stephanie – I’m holding you to that promise. Really. November 1, expect a knock on your door.

  • Marc

    Mike and Tina, you guys are the best! I love this new podcast format and I will vote for you guys!

  • Susan

    Naturally I voted for you. I loved the podcast, you two are absolutely fantastic.

  • Matt LeQ

    The “Bitter Pill” is a genius idea….you can make it with sour grapes…it’d be awesome!

    • Mike

      Oh man, you better believe I’m stealing that idea.

  • Matt LeQ

    Big Turk and Cherry Blossoms…..who buys them? And EatMore?

  • Tina

    Marc & Susan – thank you so much guys!! We’re so glad that you enjoyed it! I would promise not to pound beer back on our next one, but hey, empty promises just aren’t my style.

  • Margie

    This is great!!!

    • Tina

      Thanks Margie!! It’s just a wee bit of fun for us, and despite the fact that I get almost paralyzed with fear at the thought of being recorded or photograph (I think I’m half Creature Of The Night), that’s nothing that pounding back a few wheat beer won’t fix 😉