Pad Thai Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

We find inspiration in some of the strangest places.  Last week I was driving home and I saw an obese and listless looking teenage girl wearing leather pants. In my neck of the woods, you just don’t see that much affinity for leather pants these days, so naturally she stood out.  The pants got me thinking about  pleather, and what ever happened to it anyway?  I remember when pleather was totally the fabric of choice, and I had an oxblood red pleather mini skirt, a tan panel-cut ankle length A-line pleather skirt which I would always pair with a fitted red Arctic-fleece turtle neck (shut up, it was totally acceptable at the time), and, of course, black pleather pants that were just slightly too small.  I was 17 and I thought that I had it made.  My days were spent riffling through vintage stores and “Buy The Pound”, my nights were spent supping on Pad Thai and trying to buy beer with a fake ID that said I was from Illinois.  Oh, those were the good ol’ days.

You have officially been given a glimpse into the rabbit warren of my mind.  I see a chubby teen in leather pants and next thing you know I’m plodding my way through iterations on Pad Thai.

At this point, you’re probably expecting me to continue through my long winded introduction, and then step by step minutiae of how to prepare this recipe until you’re practically crying out, “NO, Tina!  NO MORE!  I DON’T NEED INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO CUT A G.D. ONION!!” So hey, good news!  I won’t do that to you today.  Because I did it instead over here, on this page.

Yes, it’s true.  Michelle from the hilarious blog Thursday Night Smackdown invited us to do a guest post on her site.  We were absolutely flattered, of course, and said a resounding “YESOKAYHOW’BOUTTOMORROW?!” in less time than it took her to start saying, “uh…actually I’ve chang-“.

Here’s another picture to whet your appetite before you head on over to TNS for the whole jin bang show.

  • Jeri

    Your Pad Thai Summer Roll with Peanut Sauce look great. I wish you had included the recipe.

  • caitlin

    the link to the recipe isnt working 🙁 i really want to make these, they look terrific!

    • Mike

      I just gave it a try — maybe now?

  • caitlin

    weird! okay the link worked today! thanks!

  • Sevie

    When and where do you add the tamarind? Ive looked everywhere but dont see where it goes!

    • Tina

      Hi Sevie – sorry about that! The tamarind goes into the sauce for the noodles, along with the brown sugar, soy sauce, etc.