There are people who dress their cats up for Hallowe’en

We are those people.

From us and ours to you and yours, we hope that your Hallowe’en is a spooktacular, phantombulous, sinsational, frightfully fun and meowverlous night!

…even if you are the poor kid who’s Mom dresses him up like a pumpkin every year.

  • Lorraine

    Poor Bigelow is not enamoured of Halloween. Magnum, however, looks very handsome!

  • Mike

    Oh man, you gotta be… kitten me?

  • cakewalk 8.5

    Wow, you guys have courage. That’s all I can say.

  • M

    My husband won’t let me dress up our cat. Clearly, he wants me to be miserable.

    • Mike

      He isn’t thinking clearly. Surely there is some precious item in his possession that has been chewed, shredded or peed upon by your loving feline? A costume is his way of saying thanks!

    • Hellcat13

      Me neither, @M. Something about dignity. Pffffffft. He’s obviously not remembering their mad flails as they try to jump on counters and miss.