Wasting Time

In early July I had an appointment with our midwife where she took my measurements, felt around my belly with her knowledgeable mid-wifey hands, and let me know with a bright smile that Flipper (aka, the Choosy Baby) was head down “…in 3/5 position, and could be arriving any day now!”

I panicked. At that point, I still had 2 weeks left of work before I started maternity leave. The mural I was painting on the walls of the nursery had not yet been completed, our crib, bassinet and stroller were still on back order, I hadn’t attempted any batch cooking to prepare us for the impending hazy-days of early baby taming, and the house was a complete disaster. Deep breaths, deep breaths.  There are things in life that you can’t control and things that you can, so I set to work on the ones that were within my reach.

I finished up those last two (particularly crazy) weeks at work, which included such joys as facilitating 12 hour training days and culling through 4 years of paperwork to make the office look, if not hospitable, at least habitable for my replacement.

I finished the jungle themed mural on the walls of the nursery.

(Please pardon my horrible effort at stitching the haphazard mess of blurry photos into some semblance of a panorama. I assure you that it is somewhat less terrifying when viewed in person)

Our stroller and bassinet attachment, which had been delayed since early June, were finally delivered.The crib arrived and we got that set up as well.

And I OWNED batch cooking.

(What you see is a basic meat ragu (x5), Thai chicken curry (x3), spicy beef vindaloo with chickpeas and potato (x3), pork and mushroom paprikash (x2), pork cutlets in a curried apricot sauce (x2), chicken cacciatore (x2), and Swiss steak (x2).  Not pictured are the cheesy lasagnas, multiple chili batches, Italian wedding soup, or chicken and veggie stir fry packages)

So yes, that was July, a month that came and went in a flustered heartbeat as I desperately tried to juggle multiple balls and tie up all loose ends before maternity leave.  As time ticked down to D-Day, Flipper’s anticipated arrival on August 3rd, we were able to get MOST things done with enough time left to spare that I went swanning off to the cottage (aka, tempted the fates) for a couple of days to let my swollen ankles cool in the lake. Those were five glorious days of floating around on my back and hoping that none of the neighbors had a harpoon gun and poor eyesight.

When I got back to the city smog I was rather morose, so my fabulous sister in law dropped off their old kiddie pool for us. It is no clear water northern Ontario lake, and it is also simply not possible to look dignified whilst wallowing in eight cubic feet of water on your back deck, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for the watery respite.

However, anyone who “appreciates” how comically ridiculous I look sitting in my little outdoor tub, and is tempted to take a picture, will not survive long enough to share it on Facebook.

Well, August 3rd came and went and still we’re still waiting for the Choosy Baby to make his or her grand entrance. I continue to eat frozen dairy products as a general distraction.

As you can imagine, we have received lots of advice on how to speed along the birth process…..and I have done my best to follow ALL OF IT. Heck, I’m no slouch and I’ll do whatever needs to be done to get the little beggar out in a healthy way.  There has been walking. Lots and lots of walking.  I average about 5-7 kilometers a day, but that hasn’t been enough to shake the baby loose.  I’ve tried bouncing on an exercise ball, going for a pedicure/foot massage and trying to..ahem…enjoy some “couple time”, which is particularly awesome because I feel about as sexy as a gassy rhinoceros right now.  Don’t bother suggesting that the cure-all is curries….I have had chilis in every meal for the past 3 weeks. Including breakfast.  I am getting a bit impatient and at this stage I feel like I’m just whiling away the hours and wasting time. I don’t like wasting time and I need a new project to distract me, or at least encourage a bit of patience as we wait for Flipper to arrive.

A project other than eating ice cream.

The house, of course, is still a complete disaster.  This should be the obvious next choice of a worthwhile project to tackle, but I’m not that desperate yet.

  • liz

    My little Monkey is 3 months old. And she was 12 days late (although I’ll tell you right now, “it” didn’t happen when they said it did. It couldn’t have. The hubby was out of town. So those due date things are just suggestions). She had her own schedule, and nothing was going to move her along any faster than she wanted to move.
    But I cleaned out three closets one afternoon, went for a 3 block walk with my mom, and went to bed that night absolutely positive that the monkey would arrive tomorrow. She did. Happy, healthy, and still throwing our schedule out the window. I’m not holding my breath that the whole “schedule” idea will improve anytime soon.
    It’s not wasted time, it’s the last chance you’ll get for a while to watch uninterrupted TV.

  • Anon

    What a beautiful, colorful mural! You have such creativity.

    Enjoy this time of quiet. The last quiet for the next 18 years. 🙂