What we do

The Choosy Beggars are Tina and Mike, a pair of life-loving amateur chefs and mixologists, just trying to get by on mortal salaries.  As a result, they are cruelly denied access to the kinds of cuisine that — if there were such a thing as a just and fair God — they deserve to eat every day.

But that doesn’t mean they have to accept it!  Oh no, not one bit.

Instead, they have dedicated a surprising amount of their time to the pursuit of delicious international cuisine at affordable prices, in the hope that they will rescue you from a life of frozen foods, and perhaps inspire you to culinary adventures of your own.  They’re like superheroes, but with fewer shot-dead parental figures and a better appreciation of pomegranate molasses.

Mike and Tina talk about each other a lot, because they are in smoochy-love and recently married.

This is us

Tina worked in the food and alcohol industry for far longer than she would have ever preferred, and has now happily moved onto a more professional existence.  She is never happier than when she is cooking and feeding others excessive amounts of food, namely Mike.

Tina has a subscription to a garage’s worth of foodie magazines that has followed her now for years.  She secretly wishes she was Martha Stewart, explodes into furious rage at any commercial featuring Bob Blumer, and despite the recent scandal, is still a staunch fan of Robert Irvine – specifically any parts of him that are his biceps.

You can email Tina through tina@choosy-beggars.com


Mike has been at this website thing for a while, starting with (the defunct until he can get it running again) Miscellaneous Etc. and moving on to any number of places.  He has been cooking for and feeding himself for a shockingly short time, and was actually able to survive on nothing other than pita bread and maple syrup for three days.

He is the official site expert on BBQing, taste-testing, cuss words and heavy alcohol consumption.  He is responsible for most of the more ludicrous posts on the site, a source of permanent embarrassment to all visitors hereto, and you probably shouldn’t listen to much of the advice he has to offer.

You’ll have fun if you do, though.

You can email Mike through mike@choosy-beggars.com

Are you an advertiser, manufacturer or sweet PR person peddling their wares?

Welcome to the site!  Drop us a line if you like, and introduce us to what it is that you do.  We’re opinionated folks though, and would be happy to share our opinions with both you and our readers — as long as you don’t mind that they’re honest opinions and we’ll tell you what we think.

Yes, we’re looking at you, Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade.

This is our disclaimer

All content on Choosy Beggars and anything posted by Mike or Tina is wholly our own opinion, and does not represent our employers or the opinion of our employers in any way.

  • Astonvilla65

    I have started to get into kebabs and love the shish taouk (tawook), I have cooked both and they are fantastic. After reading the piece on shish taouk I searched for a toum recipe and a lebanese salad, combined with fresh pita bread the whole meal was awesome. Have got other lebanese recipes available to try.

  • Guest

     Have *You got other lebanese recipes available to try.


  • VJ

    Just found your site when looking for easy appetizers. I like it! You’re bookmarked for me now…right up there with Martha Stewart! Thx 🙂

  • Chris J