Hello world!

Welcome to Choosy Beggars!

Tina and I have always had two dreams:  to eat well, and to not collapse into total poverty.  Incredibly, these two visions often come into conflict, which is why we’ve decided to embark on a quest to find the best bargains, the finest dining, and the tastiest living that we can afford.

But hey!  We’re both young people who have just bought a house!  So you’d better believe we can’t afford much.

Join us as we try to figure out the balance between fine dining and barely living, while we shake our tiny fists at the world of food along the way.  If we fail, then you’ll at least see what not to eat, how much it can cost you — if we succeed, then you’ll be like us and agree that while we may be beggars, that doesn’t mean we can’t be choosers.