10 Lessons Learned from Matt Dunigan’s Road Grill

  • Whenever anyone defies you to kick any food item “up a notch”, your immediate solution should be to wrap it in bacon.
  • Any crowd of curious on-lookers can be motivated to applaud if you simply bellow, “DUN’ THAT LOOK GOOD AM I RIGHT C’MON NOW!” at them.
  • Whether you’re at a family day in the park, an afternoon at the water slides, a charity car wash, a day at grandma’s house, an afternoon in a pleasant touristy area, a car ride to the country, a construction project with some good friends, home for the weekend, home alone on a Tuesday, four beers into your six-pack, wondering what to do with your life, crushed under the weight of your own disappointment — it’s always the right time for BBQ!
  • Prep work is for women working in the distant background.
  • No cooking show intro sequence is complete without the host taking their shirt off.  (Attention Laura Calder:  Compliance to this is now mandatory)
  • The only thing more important than repeating the importance of re-sealable plastic freezer bags to your audience is talking about how great blenders are.  If it is possible to do both in the same sentence, you absolutely must.
  • When in all else is in doubt, make ribs.
  • The greatest compliment you can ever render to an item or person is “killer.”  For example, “Check out these killer twice-stuffed potatoes,” or “If my eyes bug out any further I will resemble a berserk killer.”
  • You do not actually have to have knife skills in order to demonstrate chopping.
  • Anyone — even a former CFL quarterback and present day TSN host — can get a cooking show these days, as long as they live in Canada and their families dare them to audition for it.
  • http://bruleeblog.wordpress.com bruleeblog

    AHAHA – you should send this in to Laura Calder. I dare you! 🙂

  • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Tina

    Oh jeez, I can’t resist an invitation like that. Well, specifically I sent it to “the management team” of Laura Calder – who, by the way, I agree is delightful – so thankfully she will probably be saved from reading it!!

  • http://www.miscellaneousetc.com Mike

    Oh great. Now Laura Calder’s going to know that I like her hoots.

  • Solmaz

    oh my god, I’m having the best lunch ever…. THANK YOU TINA & MIKE!!!!

  • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Tina

    Aww, thanks Sooli!! PS – your little guy is the bees knees.

  • Larry

    Doesn”t everyone notice how close the recipe are to licence to grill (LTG)
    Road grill is not as funny & very brash
    Nothing like getting yelled at when someone is cooking.
    I did try the sticky ribs though & they were very good

  • Larry

    & i agree about laura Calder
    the hottie you would meet at Sunterra market….LOL