Curried Dill Tofu Dip

Mwahhahahahehehe….I’m feeling rather wicked, my friends.  Over the weekend I decided to begin my experimentation with The Tofu Tribunal, much to Mike’s dismay.  The Tofu Tribunal is my attempt to wear Mike down, bit by bit, until he admits that he was being closed-minded and is actually willing to reassess the given situation.  You see, he thinks that he hates tofu in every way, shape or form.  I maintain that although this is possible, there is so much variation in the flavor and texture between various types of tofu, which is only further enhanced by preparation and cooking methods, that there is no possible way that we will NOT be able to find at least one type of tofu or tofu dish that he enjoys.

I like to think of this first case study as being somewhat more positive than anticipated, so that gives me hope. I knew that trying to season and sautee or cook big honkin’ chunks of tofu was going to do this experiment no favors, so I went for the more subtle approach:  DISGUISE.  

Some friends were coming over in about an hour and I wanted to whip up a quick dip with some veggies before they got in.  What a perfect opportunity!!  I had hidden some soft tofu in the back of the cheese drawer of the fridge, which would be a perfect base.  And with that, we let the games begin……

Curried Dill Tofu Dip

  • 1 pkg (about 300 g) soft or silken tofu
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • 2 tsp dried dill
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • salt to taste

Scoop the tofu into a medium sized mixing bowl.  If you have silken tofu that’s ideal, but soft tofu (as seen below) works fine as well, it just requires a bit more wrist strength.

Zest in approximately 1 tsp of lemon zest.


Zest or press in the clove of garlic.


Add the spices and begin to whisk the mixture together.  Or, if you’re thinking clearly and you remember that you have a food processor, that might be a good one to use as well….in retrospect…..


Drizzle in the olive oil and give it a whisk.


Squeeze in the juice of that whole lemon, and continue whisking.


This dip is crying out for salt, so don’t be stingy.  Adjust the seasonings and give it a final whisk, making sure that it’s smooth.  Little chunks are not that appealing and it will only look like the dip has separated, so please spend the extra few minutes of whisking time until it has the texture and consistency of a yoghurt dip.


This dip is great served with cruddite as it is very light and fresh but still has those bold East Asian flavors.  I wished I had some Naan with me for dipping as well.


It would also be a great sauce to serve alongside seekh kebab, tandoori chicken and rice…needless to say, I enjoyed it.  My guests enjoyed it quite a bit as well (and yes, they knew that it was tofu.  That’s what private kitchen conversations are for).  But what did Mike think?  Hey, let’s ask him!!


Mike would you like a carrot?  Here, I already dipped it for you.


“Aw, thanks…Oh, hey, so you’re taking a picture.  Yeah, here’s me Eating A Carrot!!  Christ.” 

Hey Mike, do you like it?  Do you like the dip?!


“MmmmMMmmmMMMmmm…why are you still taking my picture?” 

So…the thing is, that the dip you’re eating right now is made from soft tofu.



Yes, but see you ATE it, and you LIKED IT, so see?  Tofu isn’t that bad, and you’ve already eaten it once, and you – 


“BLEEEEEEEEECCCCHHHHH…….ptwah, ptoo…thpaw…..gah!…EEEUGH!” 

Sigh.  I still consider this a partial victory though…..

And here we go.  The stage has been set.  The Tofu Tribunal has officially begun.  I’ll keep you updated on our progress as we go along.

Also:  if you have any great tofu recipes, like the kind that make a self-proclaimed lifelong tofu hater start to reconsider their position, please send them my way.  As you can see, I need all the help that I can get.

  • ambitious

    It’s ok! I don’t have a food processor, so it’s good to know that I don’t need it for this recipe! Next time, just don’t tell Mike and have him enjoy his tofu!!! 🙂 Ah.

  • Kristie

    Excellent work! Although this post may end up making him overly suspicious of all food you give him. Like “Mike, you want a Reese’s?” “NOOOOOOO!!! I DON’T WANT YOUR CRAZY SOYBEAN CONCOCTIONS!”

  • Tina

    Ambitious – I didn’t have a food processor for years, I totally understand. Note: trying to make hummus in a blender is SOMETIMES effective, but not always…sigh. I also never had a stand mixer, and I would get righteously pissed off that the Food Network hosts seemed to use their mixers for everything. What about those of us who only have a whisk and a bowl? DON’T WE MATTER TOO?! And….and then I got a stand mixer….and now I’m one of those people who does EVERYTHING in it, just because I can. And because it’s the most expensive thing that I own, second only to my car. I make it work for it’s money.

    Kristie – He’s already suspicious and his conspiracy theories include scrutinizing EVERY CHEESE DISH like it’s the enemy, just because one time last year I made him a Greek salad with soy feta…..he knew the difference…and hasn’t forgiven me. So, I figure, if he’s going to be suspicious and truculent anyway, might as well go whole hog and see what he does 😉

  • Mike

    This just in: I hate tofu.

    But if you like tofu, and things that taste like curry and go really well with vegetables, you’ll like this dip.

    Also, it’s a tribute to my self-assurance that I am in no way embarrassed by these pictures of me mostly-drunk and post-gym messy.

  • Kristie

    That’s what you look like post-gym? Lucky bastard. I look like a sweaty she-hobo, albeit in more expensive workout gear. And most recently it was discovered that putting long hair in a ponytail for hours each day, every day, makes your hair break like crazy, so now I have to wear those retarded running hats everywhere I go with my hair sticking out the back. It’s a sacrifice, but will likely keep me from looking like Vin Diesel on my wedding day.

  • noble pig

    OMH I am cracking up at the pics! This sounds fun and I like the tofu…

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  • Lo!

    I’ve got to admit — dips are one of my absolute favorite ways to use soft tofu. 🙂 Sorry, Mike!! Love those photos, though!

  • Tina

    Ha – thanks Lo! I love them too…mind you, now that he’s come to associate ‘camera’ with ‘Tofu Tribunal’ I think I’ll have even more resistance on my hands…..

  • Sarah

    Yeah! I just got my first food processor! how did I live before it you ask? The same way I do now…I’m too lazy to get it down and install all of its instruments. 🙂

    I plan on trying this out on my bf…he has had vertigo for about 2 years now…I suspect its a gluten allergy.

    Any ideas for the worlds pickiest eater… gluten free?

  • Tina

    Ah, gluten free isn’t as hard as you would think! First step is going to be getting him to cut out beer though, which I think may be your biggest challenge 😉 There ARE gluten free beers out there, but I haven’t had one yet which doesn’t taste like stale arse. Also, ‘busy night’ stand-bys like pasta are more of a challenge unless they’re gluten free – which many are. Then there’s varieties like rice noodles and so many more….mmm…I could totally go for Pad Thai right now.

    I have a lot of very picky-eating friends and family, and I find the best thing to do is to keep things fairly simple and straight forward (or they’ll spend hours sifting through the sauce on the off chance that you’ve snuck something they’ve decided that they don’t like in there) but with lots of flavor from herbs and seasonings.

    If he’s a sandwich guy, there are many gluten-free breads down at the St. Lawrence Market which you might want to try out! I mean, there are two roads that you can go:
    1) finding gluten free substitutions for things that you know he will eat
    2) changing the structure of meals to not include glutinous (is that a word?) products.
    I suggest incorporating both, because if you change his eating habits he’ll resist, but if you give him a substitute that “doesn’t taste like the real thing” he’ll resist even more….wear him down from both ends!!

    So ends the advice of “Tina the Ballbreaker Who By All Rights And Pretense Should Still Be Alone”.

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