5 Ways to Celebrate the Spring – Your Favorite Posts from March

Well folks, we’ve nearly turned the corner. We know it might not feel like it now, but with another month on our belt we’ve come that much farther away from:


And that much closer to something altogether pure, bright and appealing.  Yes, it’s the high season for:


Yes, Laura Calder– no! I don’t care if this is the season for a young man’s fancy to turn to chesty celebrity chefs! Show some self-control, for Heaven’s sake. As it is, we think Laura Calder’s people have us on their special Laura Calder Freaky Fan Watchlist.  The last thing we need is to go helping that along.

No, let’s turn to another unrealistic brunette to help us properly articulate the delights of this time of year:


Yes, it’s springtime, the magical equinox when the earth starts to warm, the days begin to get long, and you stand a chance of seeing the sun between the time you leave for work and when you get home. Plus, frolicking bunnies and some of that other happy bullshit, we guess. But the very important thing is that the corner is now officially turned, and March has help us to get there.

So why not look back at you, our loving and winter-torn audience, to see what your favorite posts of the month were to help kick off the non-dead-freezing weather?

5. 5 Ways to Enjoy Unwelcome Beer

Whether it was the introduction of our newest ongoing character, the Lonely Talking Can of Steeler, or the combination of five different ways to get rid of beer you never actually wanted, this ranked in at our number 5 post of the month.

Start simple, with basic little additions to make your filthy cheap beer more palatable; or, work your way into more complicated cocktails that pose a considerable risk to both your sobriety and/or health. Whichever the case, there’s a beer-cocktail out there for each and every one of you, just waiting to be discovered on the afternoon after a backyard party, when you’re stuck with four Labatt Blue Lights that you just can’t bring yourself to drink straight.

Tune in this month, when Mike will present the 5 Hangover Remedies to Help You After You’ve Gone Through the Drinks In This Article. Because he will personally attest that you will need them.

4. Spicy-Sweet Thai Mango Salad

Were you like Tina in March, and seized violently by each and every one one of the colds that was circulating in your home, office, transit system, neighborhood, community, country and continent? Did they wrack you with seizures of coughing, horrible discharges beyond the description of even the most diplomatic boyfriend, or long sleepless nights?

No? Just Tina? Perhaps we should jot that down for when Flu Shot Time rolls around next year, hm?

We know you’re just being mischievous, though, and you were laid low at least once by some terrible infestation. And good thing we were here, to bring you a spicy, fruity and flavorful salad that’s absolutely lousy vitamin C — you saw it, you loved it, and you made it our number 4 post of the month.

3. Thai Red Curry Chicken Kebabs on Lemongrass Skewers

And to keep the Thai Train a-rollin’, we come to possibly the only redemption of ground chicken that Mike has ever experienced. While normally you can count on chicken breast to need a bit of help, and ground chicken to need a hell of a lot of help, you allowed us to take you on a thought experiment that dared to postulate:

What if ground chicken didn’t have to be horrible?

Daring?  We know.  Innovative?  We may concede.  Totally mad?  It’s entirely possible.  But if you’re willing to dream of a world where ground chicken doesn’t have to be dehydrated on principle, who knows what you might accomplish?  When we all pull together, amazing things can happen to our poultry.

For example, a dish infused with green earthiness of onion and cilantro, balanced by the heat and body of red curry paste, and beautifully presented on a skewer of bamboo. A dead simple, low-fat and high-flavor recipe that celebrates bright flavors, it was your number 3 recipe of the month.

2. Firecracker Shrimp with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Of course, the only thing more delicious than healthy food cooked well is slightly sinful food cooked even better, leading us to a Pub Night favorite: Firecracker Shrimp.

It should be known that, on the whole, only one-half of the Choosy Beggar household is enthusiastic about the fruit of the oceans — the Mike side of things is hesitant at best, and stubborn at worst. Many are the pub nights that have been dampened by his cheerful but rock-solid refusal to share anything with the words “calamari”, “shellfish” or indeed even “seafood.” He maintains that he is very happy for others who enjoy it, but that they may also enjoy jumping off bridges and he doesn’t see the difference.


But! That makes this recipe all the more triumphant, for having been one of the only times in his adulthood that Mike has not only eagerly finished his serving of shrimp, but has actively gone in search of more. If the (albeit temporary) conversion of such a die-hard anti-seafood eater stands as any indication, this is a recipe worth recording — and apparently you all agreed, making it our number 2 post of the month.

1. Boneless Asian BBQ Beef Ribs

But in the end, the winner of the month was a tribute to everything wonderful about the process of slow cooking: taking a slab of unforgiving and difficult meat, and transforming it into tender sweet finger ribs.

Mixing together a mixture of dark sugars, Asian oils and spices (it took a long series of negotiations and disappointed looks to keep Mike from making a Cock Brand Fish Sauce joke here), garlic and ginger, the proper sauce was born. Applying the right amount of time, slow heat and patience delivered the result — one that welcomed us through the door with a waft of sweet, rich flavor and the promise that all we had to do for dinner was boil some rice, scoop and enjoy.

A tribute to everything that makes springtime cooking great, by delivering a recipe that allows us to enjoy our little sliver of daylight eating instead of cooking, Boneless Asian BBQ Beef Ribs were your number 1 recipe of the month.

So here’s to the springtime, and here’s to having made it through the winter relatively intact — with beers freshened, salads to keep us healthy, chicken to give us hope, shrimp to perform a miracle, and ribs to give us one last excuse to get fat before the summer. Bring on April!

  • just want 2 have fun

    the best way 2 celebrate spring is having a picnic in a garden with laura caulder..her food
    becomes more delicious when eating it while admire her beautiful face and figure
    of course…hehe..(-.-)

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