Choosy Beggars Podcast – Episode 2!


Mike and Tina keep the podcast train a-sailin’, with this all-too-autumnal-themed episode featuring:

  • Your hosts getting fairly pickled on a selection of hard ciders
  • A discussion of horrifying foods and their propensity to appear in buffets
  • A frank confession on the cruelty of male social pressure
  • The delights of Asian buffets!
  • Hot pot!
  • Tina’s hunger for blood!
  • …and that’s just the beginning!

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  • Kristie

    Aboot, aboot, aboot. Hilarious.

    I was totally going to get giggly about “the rim” too, but then Mike smacked me down.

    I am sorry about the whole free-range/organic thing. I didn’t know Canada was so different re: availability of things. I feel like an asshole for preaching. From now on: Canada is exempt.

  • Kristie

    Oh, Mike. I am quite familiar with that line.

    BTW, I will totally call and get shitfaced with you guys at a holiday party.

  • lo

    Omigosh, guys. You’re too funny.
    Am going to listen to this just as soon as I get home. You’re gonna make us want to move to Canada to be your neighbors, aren’t you??

    • Mike

      Yes. And then we can have parties where you drink cider so I don’t have to.

  • Nanco

    Hi guys! Dan and I just listened – awesome! So good to hear your voices and hilarious banter. Not so pumped about the organ talk or the memories of working at resorts (just kidding).

  • bruleeblog

    I’ve never had battered chicken feet either.

    When I was a kid, I used to call tripe “rubber bands” ’cause well, that’s what they look like. The tripe should have tasted partly of ginger though, because that’s what it’s usually cooked with.

    If I ever end up in TO again I am so taking you two out for blood jello. 😀