10 Things We Love About Anne Burrell

  1. She is living proof that there is room on the Food Network for a woman who could, in all likelihood, pick up and carry Giada De Laurentiis in her pocket — but who can still rock her outfits.
  2. She genuinely believes that viewers at home can competently follow along as she braises chicken thighs, bakes profiteroles, quick-boils green beans and shocks them, roasts almonds and adds them to a pan of onions and bacon and mushrooms to form a quick sauce, all in the space of twenty minutes.  That kind of optimism is just darling, and makes us think we actually could do all that without buggering it up.
  3. There is every indication that she would be a hell of a lot of fun in person.
  4. Her hands look like someone ran them through a lawnmower, slammed them in a car door, or used them to work diligently in a kitchen for twelve years.
  5. As a sous-chef on Iron Chef America, she was often more interesting than the actual competitors, and gave us the opportunity to gossip about whether Alton Brown had a crush on her.
  6. She will salt the ever-living Christ out of everything, and never apologize.  In fact, we get the feeling that if you don’t add enough salt to stuff, you’ll have to apologize to her — which is awesome.
  7. She never, ever makes you feel bad about accidentally dropping things onto your stove-top, into the wrong pan or just entirely on the floor, because she does it on her show ALL THE TIME and never edits it out.
  8. There is encouraging evidence that each of her early catch-phrases, particularly using “EARRRRRRL” instead of the word “oil”, are all fading into the background as she finds her stride.
  9. She talks to her food as though it was her friend, to which both of us can relate, and which prompts us to wonder whether (as we do) she also hears it answer.
  10. She is a fun, slightly weird, entirely likable and totally welcome addition to a world of TV chefs who are increasingly 90% TV and only 10% cook.  It’s nice to have someone reverse the trend a little.

Choosy Beggars TV Criticism Rating-o-matic-tron Verdict:  WATCH.

  • deb

    yes, yes and yes!

  • sara page

    #11. Makes the Guy Fieri hair-style look good.

  • mirinblue



    Indeed on all points. Her show is the only I program in my DVR because she’s my favorite for reasons listed above.She’s more into cleaving than cleavage, a real chef, not a food personality. Thank You Food Network.

  • http://www.aperfectversionofmyself.wordpress.com Tara

    The only thing that bugs me is all the flourishes she makes with her hands. It’s distracting.

  • http://www.eatingclubvancouver.com _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

    The salt, My God the salt!!!! I know underseasoning is no good, but man, she PALMS that salt and pours it over her dishes! Scary! LOL.

    • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Tina

      Hehehe – it amazes me too. Watching her add about 1/4 cup of salt to water as she blanches a pound of beans before shocking them in heavily salted water, draining and salting them before pan frying and….salting them. I can feel the dull throb of my blood pressure rising 10 minutes into the show.

  • BK

    I love Anne, really.

    But isn’t there a director or SOMEONE who can tell her not to say:

    “I’m going to go ahead and…” or, “The whole shootin’ match” quite so many times on every show???

    • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Mike

      This is true, but on a Catch Phrase Scale where, say, Jacques Pepin is a 10 and Rachel Ray is a 0, I would still rate Anne in around a 6 or 7.

  • Ram

    I Absolutly Love Anne her passion is amazing. the food that she makes seems easy and delicious and she shows everyone in a fun, exciting, and entertaining way. no matter what it is that she is making she always put her little style / spin on it but still keeping it simple.

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  • Biohazard

    I detest Anne Burrell…. she is so way off base on everything she does.. i dont claim to be a chef ive never been trained as a chef.. and cooked for my own family i love to cook.. i dont think she does… the way she talks about and treats her food shows that plain enough…
    crap ? crud ? i dont think so…. and her repetative catch phrase useage.. acidulated water.. 15 times in a half hour ? really ? her usage of salt . or over usage makes my kidneys hurt.. she;s a fake.. a phoney.. and i believe the only way she got a show or a restaurant is by giving Lidia and Joe Bastinach and Mario Battli “favors” and yes you know what i mean.. of course neither one of them can cook either… but thats another story

    • omgyermom

      Biohazard=Claire Bigelow on “I Hate Chef Anne Burrell” on FB. Overusage of …. and ? really ? makes it obvious it’s you. Claire reaaallllyyy has something against Anne. She watches her show daily so that’s a good thing for Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ratings. Every day on FB she comments about the show that currently aired. Why such bitter hatred? You obviously have a beef with her. I suggest Claire get a life and cleanse her cold black heart. We love you Anne Burrell! Haters gonna hate.

  • Biohazard

    Omgyermom….and bad bad bad chefs gotta try and bamboozle the public into thinking that they KNOW IT ALL !!.. when in reality they dont.. i worked in a commerial kitchen for 10 years.. our Chef would have had Anne Burrels wide load butt sailing OFF the back loading dock on day one ! the sooner you realize that this HAG is a phoney.. the better off the culinary world will be….. thank you for your concern..but my black heart is just fine… oh yeah.. and bite me !

  • Biohazard

    Omgyermom… im curious to know WHY someone from the “WE LOVE CHEF ANNE BURRELL ” are reading this page…..yes that means YOU.. and you know who you are… different opinions.. and im entitled to mine ..and so are you…just for the record i have major issues with a whole slew of Foodnetwork “Chefs and Personalities” it just happens that Anne Burrell tops the list as the worst.. beating out Paula Deen for once… IF you dont like what i have to say.. keep your nose on your OWN page. and i will give you the courtesy to keep mine off yours… Have a nice day ! 😀

  • omgyermom

    Crazy much biohazard?

    • Biohazard

      Certified Crazy.. how kind of you to notice… cheers…. have a nice weekend… 😀