Anniversary 3

If Tina and I seemed a little distracted lately, it’s because this week we celebrated our third anniversary as a couple.  We’ve come a long way from that first date at the drive-in, where we went to go see Disturbia (which Tina thought was a touching father-son drama about overcoming loss, instead of… what it was) and that one where Nicholas Cage can see into the future so he has to fight a nuclear bomb.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that night showed me everything I needed to know about Tina:  her sense of humor; her never-ending appetite for adventure; her unerring ability to find the most appalling movies, the most expensive items in any place that sells things, and the scariest restaurants in a metropolitan area.  I am quietly grateful that I didn’t manage to screw up that first date, because ever since then, I can safely say that I have never lived more challenging, fun and interesting days.  I have her to thank for each and every one of them.

So I had to get a little creative when I brought home a bouquet for her:

Lovely, don’t you agree?  A beautiful combination of colors and aromas to dazzle the senses, I rather think!  And unlike other arrangements, this one is incredibly unlikely to get thrown away after being forgotten on a table for a week.

But, naturally, she had already out-flanked me:

As if I didn’t have enough reasons already to adore her, she gives me a slab of beef large enough for a small civilization to flourish on.  Do you people see what I’m up against?  I hardly know why I try to compete.

So let me simply say happy anniversary to the woman who started off as my long-unfulfilled crush, who became my girlfriend and then my best friend, who has shared with me adventures to everywhere from Argyle, Ontario to Paris, France.  As those of you who know her can attest, there is simply no-one like Tina — and I love her unabashedly.

Here’s to the three years that brought us from flirting to dating, from sleeping over to moving in, from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiance/fiancee.  I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

I mean, after the cocktail bouquet.  That’s DEFINITELY next.

  • Jan

    Aw, what an incredibly sweet post. Congratulations to you both from a longtime reader!

  • Erica

    *gently wiping tear*

    Happy anniversary to a lovely couple. You two remind me about all the best parts of being in love (…not just booze and beef. The best-friendship and shared history and inside jokes and shmoopiness and all that), and I’m delighted that you found each other.

    One day I’ll need to hear Mike’s version of the how-we-got-together story. I have a sneaking suspicion that there were brilliant and devious machinations on both your parts. 🙂

  • Kristie

    This was a really sweet post. Except for that I read it on my iPhone at 4:30 am because I couldn’t sleep (getting punched in the junk by a small person). And then I googled the synopsis for Disturbia because I was curious. And then I lay awake horrified until Chris’s alarm clock went off at 5:45, eventually just getting up and coming downstairs to watch HGTV because I was too scared to sleep. I don’t really watch scary movies, so much…under any circumstances.

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Beth

    Is it weird for a stranger to say that you two are now my favorite couple? 🙂 Congrats on the anniversary and the engagement.

  • Hellcat13

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. I just got all teary-eyed.

  • Uncle Ralph

    Great looking couple!
    Wonderful looking slab of beef.
    congratulations to both of you

  • bruleeblog

    I got teary-eyed too. Happy anniversary! And here’s to many more. 🙂

  • Wanis

    Love you both. I wish you many years of happiness.

  • Kate

    Can you tell us what’s in the bouquet? I only recognize the vodka.

  • TS of eatingclub vancouver

    Awww. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m looking at that Facebook profile picture, and I must say, you two look very cute!

  • Lynsey James March

    How adorable, happy aniversary! I giggled when I read what she thought Disturbia was. I love the black cat table, I would love to get one!

  • Tina

    Aw man. I’m all blushy and embarrassed now.

    Kate – ain’t it just the purtiest bouquet ever? Going around the vodka are three types of coolers. The pink bottles are Woody’s Original and taste delightfully like melted white freezies. I do like many of the Woody’s line (particularly orange and pink grapefruit) but if there happens to be a new flavor I always feel compelled to try it! The cans are two flavors of cooler (grapefruit and lime) called “Alive”. I like them because they’re not to sweet, both are quite refreshing, and there is only 80 calories per can…..which only makes me feel a teensy bit better after I’ve had 7….

  • mirinblue

    What comes next? Zee bebees of course!