Meats of Our Cultural Stew – Sunday October 3rd

It’s Sunday, everyone!  And while you’re getting your chores over with and bracing yourself from the coming week, we at Choosy Beggars urge you to relax with a drink and soak up the latest in food culture (that we didn’t write).

If you’re not reading us on Twitter (and judging by our follower count, you aren’t!), here’s a round-up of what caught our attention this week.

Drink of the Week (that Mike didn’t think of)

Bombay Government Punch, via Chow:

The precise proportions for this recipe are taken from the 1694 regulations the English government put out for Bombay punch houses, which mandated “if any man comes into a victualling house to drink punch, he may demand one quart good Goa arak, half a pound of sugar, and half a pint of good lime water, and make his own punch.” Now, Goa arrack was made from coconut-palm sap, but sugar-cane arrack and then rum were natural substitutes. The further substitution of cognac for part of the rum or arrack was common as early as the 1680s, and indeed soon became the preferred way of making it. The addition of a goodly amount of water or tea is also both traditional and extremely sensible.

It serves about 20, which ought to be just enough for the afternoon, right?

Sit back, sip freely and say hello to October!