Filthy commercial watch: Nature Valley Sweet & Salty

We were enjoying this week’s episode of House when we came across the following Nature Valley ad.  Can you count the number of veiled sexual references that play on the natural, “Sweet & Salty” snacks?

Okay okay okay, let’s compare!  How many did you get?  We got seven:

  1. Parental assurance of the “natural” source of the product
  2. Appearance of abundant, rolling nuts
  3. …towards a wide, vertical cavern
  4. Conspicuous focus on provocatively-shaped cashew
  5. Noteworthy pronunciation of “peanuts” without the closing “T” sound
  6. The avalanche of said nuts (i.e. “Oh man I’m GONNA LOSE IT!”)
  7. Ensuing drizzle of salty, creamy “nut butter” coating

And, just as a bonus of timing (way to go local broadcasting crew):


Ahhhh, we do have some fun.

  • Betty

    What about that one of some young woman eating a chocolate bar and she sticks out her mouth to take a bite as if she is having sex with it?
    And that nasty one of those two men one shaving the others back.
    They have to have everything sexual or about money or youth, it is all about sex, money and youth and fake beauty.
    Nothing is real anymore it is all about worshiping the gods of self.
    I immediatley switch the channel when I see a filthy commercial, than make it a point o never buy the product they are advertising, if I can even tell what they are advertising amidst all the sin..