Meats of Our Cultural Stew – Sunday October 10th

It’s Sunday, everyone!  And while you’re getting your chores over with and bracing yourself from the coming week, we at Choosy Beggars urge you to relax with a drink and soak up the latest in food culture (that we didn’t write).

If you’re not reading us on Twitter (and judging by our follower count, you aren’t!), here’s a round-up of what caught our attention this week.

Drink of the Week (that Mike didn’t think of)

Berry Little Cocktail, via Martha Stewart:

Have yourself a Berry Little Cocktail. Stir up this light, bright drink with the tang of citrus and a splash of Champagne to add a festive fizz to your holiday bash.

Sweet, bright, cranberry-flavored and wee — with a pun built right into the name! It’s practically like this drink was designed with us in mind.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends, and best wishes for whatever pagan long weekend you Americans are enjoying too!