February Kitchen Play Part 4: Choosy Beggars – The Web Cooking Show!

To say that Tina and I had a great time participating in Kitchen Play’s Canadian Beef Progressive Dinner Party (whew that’s a lot of capital letters) is the understatement of the year.

Yes, you heard me right:  even though the year is only one month old, you will never hear anything that misses the mark more.  Making a cooking show with Tina is about as fun as it gets.  We spent the day together crafting some absolutely beautiful appetizers, ranging from the quickly seared to the slow (slow) cooked, and finally we have a full-motion way of showing you exactly how you can do it yourself!

And why wouldn’t you?  There’s $100 at stake, and you could be the one who wins it!

If you enjoy these videos, why not skip on over to Youtube and give us a thumbs-up or two?  Positive reinforcement is just about the only way we’ll get Tina to do this again, and thus help to propel her into being the half-Finnish/half-Lebanese neo-Nigella that we all know she can be.

And once that happens, then it’s house-husband easy street for yours truly, baby!  So thanks to Kitchen Play and Canadian Beef for the opportunity to be part of this excellent event, for the chance to eat myself unconscious on so much amazing meat, and for the fun of putting this all together.

Go!  Cook!  Eat!  I wish I could recommend just one of these, but the truth is that you’re going to want them all.

Part 1:  Introduction, Beef Shank & Searing Your Tenderloin

Part 2:  Slicing, Sizzling and Plating

Show notes:

  • Starring:  Tina
  • Written by:  Tina
  • Filmed (ha ha) and edited (uggghhh) by:  Mike
  • Sponsored by Kitchen Play & Canadian Beef
  • Music by:  James Hannigan
  • “Me ‘n’ Tenderloin (So Happy Together)” written and performed by Tina
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  • http://www.beefinfo.org Heather Travis

    Love these! you make it look so easy and your song about Tenderloin just totally made my day!!! thanks for creating such great menu items featuring Canadian beef!

  • http://gourmeted.com Joy

    They all looks so yummy! I love your videos –you’re a natural. You have a great speaking and singing voice, too!

  • Ralph

    Wonderful presentation, made me hungary and I cant wait to try some of this myself.

  • http://hampiesandwiches.blogspot.com Eileen

    Hooray! Your videos were great! I hope you had a dinner party scheduled to come eat all that obviously excellent beef, though. Or maybe you just got to have intense all-beef night afterward. WHO CAN SAY IN THIS BRAVE NEW DAY AND AGE

  • http://www.eatingclubvancouver.com TS of eatingclub vancouver

    I love “Me ‘n’ Tenderloin (So Happy Together)”. =D

    • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Mike

      Can you believe Tina didn’t want me to share that part? Shocking.

  • http://www.eatatburp.com lo

    Love love love you both even more after this one. Tina — you’re awesome. And that beef… well, it’s making me drool!

  • Lisa

    You guys did such a great job on this video, I’d totally watch a cooking show hosted by Tina! I love the site, and this video made me love you guys even more.

    • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Mike

      Right? So right! Tina is totally going to let me retire and be that otherwise-invisible celebrity spouse that’s only occasionally spotted at public events.

      • Lisa

        I assume you’ll also be in charge of starting the divorce rumors? Alternatively, you could become the governor of New York, or get yourself a spot on Law & Order : SVU. Wow, I know way too much about Food Network stars and their significant others. Maybe you’ve got the right idea with this “mostly invisible” plan.