5 Warning Signs of a Bad Cocktail – Urb’nlilli COSMOCRAN

While we recover from our honeymoon and continue to work on our travelogue, we at Choosy Beggars wish to provide you with some pre (or post-, for those of us in Royalist country) long weekend guidance on how to avoid terrible, terrible new products being introduced for the summer.

With the warm weather finally coming our way, just as soon as the endless clouds part and the earth is no longer being rent by unholy storms of terrifying power, it will be important to identify products that hold the power to capture your dollars, even as they sap your will to live. To assist you, we have put together this handy info-graphic, using the new and baffling COSMOCRAN-flavored urb’nlilli as our case study.

5 Warning Signs of a Bad Cocktail, featuring urb’nlilli COSMOCRAN


Learn, prosper and enjoy your long weekend! We hope that by calling out danger signs such as these, you will avoid peril and enjoy only the sunny and happiest of drinks.