3 More Must-See YouTube Cooking Shows

One medium that Tina and I have often thought we could do more in is video, considering the fun we had briefly flirting with it earlier in the year.  Sure, producing it was more of a challenge that I expected, and while Tina is a natural in front of the camera, I am something of a demented ape behind it… but we had a good time!

More importantly, it seems like other people are having a good time doing cooking shows, too.  Even without straying into the innovative world that’s emerging in Google+ (the stuff of a future article, I think), there’s an absolute wealth of fabulous, earnest and occasionally hilarious entertainment still to be found on the good ol’ Youtube:  people striving for fame, simply sharing who they are, or doing something extremely weird and charming.

And since it’s Thursday, and we’re heading into the end of a week where we might all benefit from people smiling at us they do their best — or whatever bleak interpretation of “their best” they come up with — it’s time to pick three more of our favorite YouTube-based cooking shows:

Cooking For Dads

As soon as you see Rob Barrett you know, without even the slightest hint of a doubt, that this is a man who really wants to be on the Food Network.  That the majority of his YouTube videos are actually clips of his appearances on local affiliate news do nothing to challenge that impression.

But the video above really shows the man’s potential, demonstrating the three key skills needed to easily slide onto the FN’s schedule:  comfort on camera, the ability to grossly over-produce even the most trivial of segments, and the stick-to-it-iveness to ride a joke right into the ground.

And, aside from the media-friendliness, isn’t that exactly what you’d expect from your Dad, if he got on TV?

Manjula’s Kitchen

On the other hand, meet every mother of every friend you’ve had from a different culture, whose cooking secrets your friend couldn’t care less about.  Watching Manjula for five minutes perfectly captures the experience being taught traditional, cultural family cooking:

  • The slow, painfully thorough instruction on ingredients
  • The quiet, matter-of-fact yet friendly guidance on how it all works
  • The surprisingly simple recipes that result in heart-rendingly good food
  • The underlying, quiet dullness that must drive their kids nuts
  • The irresistible sweetness of the woman — I mean seriously…!

It’s the complete package, and manages to perfectly capture the feeling of standing around one afternoon and learning from someone who’s been cooking for years.

Vegan Black Metal Chef

And then, you know, there are people who really, really want to be different.  There are airs of Bitchin’ Kitchen to the Vegan Black Metal Chef:

  • Low-budget, but well-produced
  • Juxtaposing an unexpected lifestyle against a traditional cooking show:  punk, for Bitchin’ Kitchen; Death metal for VBMC
  • Lots o’ swearing
  • Punchlines on a regular enough interval to suggest a staff of writers, all hoping for a viral break

None of which causes me to judge them harshly — indeed, far from it, because the show is both genuinely funny and instructive.  VBMC haven’t been around for very long, and honestly I don’t know if non-stop death metal — even the ironic kind — is enough to hold an audience; however, with that said, how many other people are finding completely weird ways to do a cooking show?

And the tempura looks good!





Yeah, I know.  You can’t really top Dave, his strange stories, his awesome accent, his sudden and bizarre shifts in aspect ratio… but we have to keep trying.

  • TracyLea

    You should check out CookingWithDog it is great authentic Japanese cooking with a sweet and quirky twist – Francis. It is a great show.

  • http://www.allisonlange.com Allison

    wow. those were all terrible.

    honestly, i’m not interested in even the best internet cooking video. i want to be able to quickly scan a recipe and ingredients and will never, ever sit through a video to find that out. even if a recipe accompanies a video, i will never go to the video.

    • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Mike

      Well, I didn’t say they were good, necessarily. Just that you had to see them.

  • http://www.cookingfordads.net rob

    Thanks for the feature … just a few thoughts.

    For the record, the Food network hates me. I was pitching my show to them awhile back and they were mocking me in emails back and forth in their office when one of them hit reply all and I got a copy of it. Ouch. Well at least I know where I stand.

    Most of my recipe videos are on this channel


    The channel you found is more for auxiliary videos like my appearances, etc. That being said, I am on Fox tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. 🙂 (shameless plug)

    Rob B – CFDs

    • http://www.choosy-beggars.com Tina


      Good to know that you have another channel too which is representative of your work! If we got Fox (and I didn’t have a job) we would totally tune in to see you 🙂

      As for the Food Network….for our part, we were absolutely horrified to read your comment . It breaks my heart to think about how you must have felt to get that cruel and insensitive email from a forum that you (I assume) supported. There is no excuse for that kind of unprofessional conduct, and shame on the Food Network for allowing a corporate culture that considers such exchanges to be acceptable in a business environment. However, there is no shortage of brutish, ignorant or insensitive people in the world, so hopefully their actions are representative only of a few bad apples and not the network as a whole.

      Thank you again for stopping by and commenting. We wish you all the best at CFDs and in your future endeavors!