Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter has a long tradition, going back to pre-Christian times, of celebrating death, rebirth and renewal.  So      how very appropriate that this week should bring us the opportunity to renew so many things:  Mike’s supply of burn cream in the medicine cabinet, the screen on Tina’s laptop that suddenly started weeping black tears out of nowhere, and now the very template upon which our site runs!

Yes, thank you, Soviet WordPress Hackers!  Your dazzling vision allows you to see a massive revenue opportunity in pushing viruses through our site onto people who just want to have their say about Jack Daniels & Cola in a can.  We sheeple can only marvel at the complexities of your business plan, and then set aside our plans for the weekend to repair the damage.

But on the upside:  New template!  Lots of stuff cleaned up and gone away!  You will notice:

  • Links to our store and podcast are now gone.  This is because they were both kind of half-assed and embarrassing.  They will be back.
  • Much cleaner everything else!  The site should load faster, feature fewer mysterious loading loops, and generally feel nicer.  This helps us pave the way for writing again, which is TOTALLY the next step.
  • Not everything is super-cleaned-up yet, due to Mike’s general lack of competence with modern technology.  He’s so, so sorry about that.

Onwards and upwards, though!  Here’s to Russian-enforced spring cleaning, and to a happy and healthy Easter to everyone!

  • Davey

    Creepy Hungarian-like Bunny-Furry makes me weep deep tears of semi-sweet chocolate. Where are my peeps?

    • choosybeggarmike

      Terror Bunny reflects our pain. The child’s innocence represents our optimism. It is visual poetry!