The Choosy Beggars serve lunch on the radio!

This past Saturday morning, Tina and I were given the opportunity to spend time with Ted Woloshyn over the lunch hour at his show on NewsTalk 1010.  Since we’d never before had the chance to be on the radio, and media exposure is absolutely central to my plan to turn Tina into a star and the live off the proceeds of her meteoric celebrity, we leapt at the chance.

Because we are who we are, of course, we decided that we should offer an eclectic menu that properly reflects our philosophy — and take the consequences, if need be.  So before we get into what fun we had, let’s talk a little bit about the menu:

Bocconcini Stuffed Mediterranean Pull-Aparts

You will want this.  Make yours here.

Followed by:

Buffalo Chicken Sushi

This may change how you relate with people.  It may even change how you look at yourself.  That’s why you need to follow this recipe, and learn who you really are.

Then, it was off to the Middle East:

Roasted Red Pepper, Walnut & Feta Dip

Tina doesn’t make many dishes more than once (the benefit of being culinarily talented, I suppose), but this sweet, spicy and salty dip is a constant go-to.  It is the bowl of dip that dinner guests slyly pull toward them over the course of a meal, so that it’s always within arm’s reach.

Then we capped things off with:

Salted Caramel Cashew Tart

Grown-up, salted caramel flavor complemented by the buttery goodness of cashews.  Try it.

Now, onto the fun part — THE SHARING!  Because this was a new experience for both of us, we were the ever-so-teensiest bit nervous about sitting down in front of microphones where we couldn’t a) swear openly, b) ramble endlessly about whatever came to mind, and c) edit ourselves in post-production.  But our hosts were friendly, welcoming and instantly enthusiastic about the food — which was no doubt helped by the smell of freshly-baked Bocconcini Pull-Aparts.

Getting to meet Ted Woloshyn was a great experience, made all the better for his cheerful and immediate dismissal of blog-haters, his willingness to try some initially strange-sounding stuff — and, in a very kind compliment, his excitement to share our food with his entire crew.  There is something incredibly strange and gratifying about seeing someone wave at you through sound-proof glass, point at something you’ve made, and give you an emphatic thumbs-up.

The interview itself just flew by, with me managing not to say anything incredibly stupid or have my voice crack, and Tina being her usual effortless, charming, knowledgeable self.  Anyone who’d like to hear audio evidence of how my beloved is a one-take wonder need only click below:


We both had a fantastic time, got an excuse to make some of our favorite recipes from the last four years, and met some great people at the Ted Woloshyn show.  Thanks very much to them for having us, and to everyone who tuned in to hear us!

  • elsewise

    I keep secretly hoping that Tina wore the sparkle-sandals on the radio. Please don’t burst my bubble.

    • Tina

       I wore them to work yesterday, if that counts for anything? It was about 20 minutes before I had to abandon them and put on safety shoes, but they were a great 20 minutes. I love new shoes. Especially cute shoes…with rhinestones….!