The Choosy Baby looms larger

It’s been a while since we’ve shared anything about the newest addition to the Choosy Household!  But now, as we enter into the exhilarating and terrifying period known as “Full Term”, I feel like it’s time I caught you all up on a few things.

1.  Tina is doing great

If you mention “glowing” to her, it may appear as though she thought you said “glowering” and then wither you down to a heap of dust with her gaze.  But whether she likes it or not, Tina started out looking fantastic and has only gotten more vital, glow-y and vibrant as she goes along.

There are times and places at which she may make mention of the status of her ankles, or her wrists, or something.  It is my understanding that these complaints should be met with an abundance of pillows, foot rubs and sympathy (in that order), but other than that I take no serious note of her concerns, because… well, just look at her.  I feel like high-fiving people when I see her.

Most importantly, both she and the Choosy Baby are as healthy as you can ask for, which brings me to:

2.  Flipper is doing great

Early on in Tina’s pregnancy, when we went to one of our first ultrasound appointments, our technician was a very tall, very jovial, VERY Russian man.  He was as friendly as anything, but also brutally direct in that way that only Russian men seem to be, and out of all the people we’ve met throughout this process, he was the one who seemed most interesting in finding things that would interest me.

I don’t know, maybe he thought that me seeing our baby through the miracle of hand-held sonar wasn’t enough?  Maybe there are dads out there who are thoroughly bored by this whole thing, for whom live images of the living child inside their wives’ bodies isn’t enough to capture their interest?  I can’t be sure, but whatever the case, this particular technician’s solution was to show me The Brain.

“Look!” he said, with vigor. “IS BRAIN!”

And yup, there would be brain.  Like, with the crinkles and everything.  There would be fabric of Flipper’s intellect, in the spooky blue-and-black of the ultrasound, until the baby got pissy and turned its head away, diving for deeper waters somewhere in Tina’s uterus.

“Ah!” the technician laughed, “No worries. Will find again!”

“Oh, it’s okay, I saw it the first–“

“THERE!  Found it, told you!  IS BRAIN!”

And then there would be brain again.  I don’t know why I found it so disconcerting — I mean, please know that I am deeply appreciative that there IS BRAIN — but I did.  Subsequent scans have revealed that not only is there brain, but also all the correct appendages in all the correct places, as well as an abundance of baby weight and a spirited tradition of cat-and-mouse between Flipper and anyone who would dare presume to assess his/her health with a sonic device.  Truly, I did not think there were that many ways to elude a medical professional while contained inside a human abdomen, but Flipper has found all of them and is currently devising more.

In conclusion, this child is healthy, active, mobile and clearly aware of the concept of defiance.  Such stubbornness makes me incredibly proud in a way I’m not sure I can express, except to say:  IS BRAIN, indeed.

3.  Mother and child are in a relaxed state (so WHO CARES ABOUT DAD)

This is the view from Tina’s family cottage, roughly two-and-a-half hours away from Toronto in favorable traffic.  Note the abundance of key factors, such as:

  • Tranquillity
  • Pastoral beauty
  • Still, beautiful lake water in which to swim and frolic
  • Comfortable seating appropriate for a full-term pregnant woman
  • The farthest thing from proximity to a credited health care professional that one could possibly imagine

But hey, it’s gorgeous!  And it’s where Tina is relaxing even as you read this, soaking up the warmth of the sun and the chill of the lake, lapping happily through the water and not particularly concerning herself with recent reports of women giving birth along the sides of Ontario highways.  So while I await her return here in the city, perhaps worrying constantly about what may happen, at least she is content and rested in a magnificent setting.

As for me, it is all about assembling things, and moving piles of tiny little clothes from one place to another, and making organized what was not yet organized, and looking forward to an immense and beautiful day in my life with the best person I could imagine.  That is where we are right now, with Tina on the edge of doing something wonderful, and me hoping I can figure out a way not to screw it up.

In other words, we are doing fantastically well, and cannot be happier.  Plus, it means that sooner rather than later, we will be exploring all the delightful realities of eating and drinking with a third, stubborn resident in our home, and all that entails.  It’s about to get interesting around here, and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

  • Jennifer Keay

    Hilarious! Oh, and you guys are going to be great parents. I just know it 🙂

  • michelle @ TNS

    okay, i won’t say that tina is glowing, but i WILL say that she is boobalicious. hooray for a healthy mom and healthy flipper!